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  Try Trap Shooting during Getaway

Ever thought you may like to Experience Clay Pigeon / Trap shooting? - Well now you can.

Known for centuries as the "Spot of Aristocracy" Trap or as otherwise known, Clay Pigeon shooting is a pastime of the elite few. An Olympic sport that Australians have excelled in for quite some time. If you think you would like to try your hand and give the sport a go, you can!
When you come to stay a day or two at Riverview Rise Retreats I (Michael Chorney) will gladly introduce you to the sport in a safe and friendly manner. For those who may not be familiar with the sport, the explanation is quite simple. We use a mechanical contraption to throw a brightly coloured target (like a 3 inch frizby) made from bio-degradable clay or tar mixture, into the air. You shoot them out of the sky and gain points. It's even more fun when you compete with your partner or friends. If you have never fired a shot gun the initial sensation will be a real rush of adrenalin. After that you will be one of us who just enjoy the sport. Your ear muffs will save you from the shot blast but you will soon realize that the experience although initially challenging, is enjoyable and addictive. You will love it!

Strange as it may seem to you, if neither of you have tried this sport please be aware that the ladies usually out-shoot the men! It's possibly because they have a more care free attitude where as the guys are more competitive in these things. So look out fellas, you're likely to be playing second fiddle to you own Anny Oakley.

Regardless of which way you look at it,this is an activity you are not likely to experience anywhere unless you become members of a Gun club so put your shoes on, tie your hair up, sunnies on and let's have some fun.

We prefer to take you onto the trap field at around 10:30am. Giving other guests a chance to sleep in. You can both take it in turns shooting or it may be just the one of you that needs this adrenalin rush. Either way, you will both have plenty to do as there is more to the sport than just pulling the trigger. There is no pressure to perform nor do we treat the activity in a truly competitive form. To us it is about the Best Possible Fun Experience for out guests.

Our shooting range is on the property located some 500 meters from your accommodation so there is no further travel required.
You can be as serious or casual as you like but you will definitely add a highlight to your holiday

Why not Book a session as a Surprise Gift for your partner? 



 Lady trap shooting


  • 2 guns to choose from, a side by side double barrel shot gun & an over and under sporting gun. You are welcome to try both.
  • An effective electric trap thrower
  • Ear muffs
  • Protective glasses
  • On site supervision at all times
  • Tuition for beginners
  • Trap shooting cartridges
  • Clay targets


Shoot for 1 hour session:

AUD $245.00 per hour and half - all inclusive per couple

Subject to Prevailing Weather Conditions
To Book a session call Wink on: ~ 0400 310 380 or send us an e-mail Now

**** Extended sessions & Small Group (Max 4) sessions available on request.
**** Mid morning till early afternoon are best times.


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